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    Process Development and Scale Up Projects


    The VERTIGO project is concerned with intelligent scale-up and scale-down to assist in process design and operation.

    Understanding the impact of scale on reactor performance is very important. Studies have considered regime detection to understand scale implications. CFD coupled with bio-understanding is leading to new research programmes.

      Statistical Framework for Bioprocess Development

    A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Avecia Biologics.
    This project will explore advanced statistical methods to facillitate robust and rapid bioprocess development. The project aim is to bulid a unified framework of experimental design and multivariate data analysis techniques, that will allow consistent application throughout the company.

    Whole Process Design and Operation Projects

      Agents in Bioprocess Design

    Agents that develop models in collaboration have the capability of more effectively representing a multi-unit interactive bioprocessplant. Such models can then be used for monitoring, control and optimisation purposes.

      Flexible, Fast and Future Factory (F3 Factory)

    F3 Factory is a £30 million collaborative research programme that seeks to strengthen the European chemical industry‘s global technological leadership through faster, more flexible production methods. It is one of the leading projects in the Nanotechnologies, Materials and Production research priority of the European Community‘s Seventh Framework programme.

    The F3 Factory consortium is made up of 25 leading companies and research institutions from nine EU Member states that are crossing competitive boundaries to collaborate on new technologies for process intensification and innovative new production concepts.

    This substantial four year project seeks to establish a new paradigm in sustainable production methodology for the European chemical industry. Key applications targeted within the F3 Factory project include solvent-free polymers, innovative surfactants, compounds for the healthcare industry and materials from renewable resources.

    Environment and Emissions Projects

      Emergent Behaviour in Waste Water Treatment

    Our premise is that a mixed culture wastewater treatment (WWT) process exhibits emergent behaviour; that is the network of interactions/reactions results in dynamic behaviour that is not predicatble from that expected from the individual bioreactions.

    The WWT project will examine whether the unpredictable aspects of wastewater plant operation are as a consequence of emergent behaviour of the bioreaction network on performance or are a consequence of their inability to appropriately describe elements within the network.

    Enhancing Knowledge and PAT Projects

      Zero Emission by Advanced cLeaning (ZEAL)

    The ZEAL project aims to:
  • To bring science to the cleaning process

  • To close the cleaning loop

  • To optimise the cleaning operation against multiple objectives

  • Completed Projects

      Process Innovation 2020 SatNav

    The goal of 'SatNav' is to develop a guidance methodology akin to a satellite navigation system. The tool will deliver a flexible, adaptive and innovative strategy that can help technical teams and organisations navigate the complex business and technological terrain. The key to and effective strategy is to share information across products and scales to facilitate development, based upon business driver awareness and constraint understanding.


    Developing a software toolkit that is designed for application in the biopharmaceutical development environment.

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