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Those interested in recording events with academics, practitioners or activists exploring the two themes of the network, are encouraged to contact



19 Nov 2010











11th Oct 2010


A one day workshop centred around a debate between DOREEN MASSEY and DAVID HARVEY



Audio link 1 - theory - space and politics

Audio link 2 - practice - space and politics






Ananya Roy, Washington University




This is a long audio, so will take a while to download.





22nd Feb 2010 It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine): why environmentalism has failed and what comes next

Paul Kingsnorth

Newcastle University



2nd Feb 2010

Children and Cities

Ken Worpole

Newcastle University

Transcript of Talk

Audio of talk


12/13 Feb 2009

Space, Contestation and the Political: A Workshop on Planning, Development and Resistance

ETH Zurich








12 February 2009



Dave Featherstone: Introduction to the Workshop

Oliver Marchart: Institution and Dislocation: Philosophical roots of a social theory of space and conflict

Conrad Schetter: On Carl Schmitt
Thomas Doerfler: On “Kulturkritik”

Klaus Schlichte: Contesting the Political

Jonathan Spencer: Performing democracy and violence

Urs Geiser: On subaltern resistance and the ‘Taliban’ in Pakistan

Uma Kothari: On contesting colonial imaginaries

Peter Dirksmeier: On the stranger in post-colonial geographies of contestation

Christian Schmid: On urban revolt and new metropolitan mainstream in Zurich


13 February 2009


Jean Hillier: Planning with a Political ‘P’

Juliet Fall: On things that contest political identities

Ulf Strohmayer: On planning in Ireland

Mustafa Dikec: On space, politics and the political with Rancière

Chiara Certoma: On environmental issues as space for democracy

Andy Davies: On getting the post delivered

Clive Barnett: Locating contestation in democratic theory

Elin Saether: On critical journalism in China

Benedikt Korf and Joris van Wezemael: Synthesis of the workshop



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