The acoustic dosage experiments proposed in this study uses solely wild animals. The overall objective is to ensure that the data produced give fully representative view of naïve fish behavioural display under realistic acoustic conditions in the open sea.

CEE Experiments

A state-of-the-art underwater loudspeaker array will be used for generating a plain progressive wave field, typical of noise from a source at some distance.  The experiments will specifically target sublethal effects and the dosage will be controlled by adjusting distance to the array and array broadcasting energy levels. The field from the array will be measured and assessed at the point of exposure (UWTV/SONAR location).


The experiments will use a purpose built seabed lander structure fitted with two underwater video cameras, a control hydrophone system and automated recording device. The system will be deployed properly baited to attract fish within the field of view of the camera array. The cameras will be arranged at predefined angle to provide two different monoscopic video images of the same area and allow for accurate tacking of fish targets.


Wild schools of fish will be sought out in coastal waters and the fish observed using a 200kHz sonar system.  Once the behaviour patterns of the schools have been examined over a series of control periods they will then be exposed to a variety of sounds on playback. The responses of the schools will be observed and described and behavioural reaction thresholds determined.