SmartHubs SLES

The SmartHubs Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) project will create and demonstrate an innovative low-carbon energy system of the future in West Sussex.

The project will introduce new ways of generating and storing low-carbon heat, electricity and energy for transport and demonstrate how these can be integrated to balance energy supply and demand and deliver cost and carbon benefits for project partners, including businesses and residents. SmartHubs is funded by Innovate UK and is a consortium of six partners made up of local government, industry and academia. 

This website focuses on Newcastle University's role in the project, the central project website can be found here:

SmartHubs Project Launch

£31 million SmartHubs energy management project progresses amidst virus restrictions in West Sussex

ERIS Event - SLES and the transition to net zero

Join the Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS) on Thursday 30 July 2020 to explore what Smart Local Energy Systems (SLES) are and how they can support the UK’s transition to Net Zero.