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Infrastructure shocks and the politics of urban life

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Decision Theatre Paper

Researchers from CESER (Claire Walsh, Richard Dawson, Stephanie Glendinning, Vassilis Glenis) in collaboration with researchers from Centre for Knowledge Innovation Technology and Enterprise and Newcastle City Council have recently published a paper which introduces the concept of a ‘Decision Theatre’ and describes how this approach was tested by co-designing, with a range of stakeholders, two events to identify current vulnerabilities of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne to a storm event and to investigate the effectiveness of adaptation options to surface water flooding. Based on these 'proof of concept' events, CESER along with other researchers at Newcastle University are considering are more permanent research and engagement facility for exploring and understanding collaborative decision-making and public engagement.

Four interactive information screens presenting information about the storm as it unfolds

Walsh CL; Glendinning S; Dawson RJ; England K; Martin M; Watkins CL; Wilson, R; Glenis V; McLoughlin A; Parker D. 2013. Collaborative platform to facilitate engineering decision-making. Engineering Sustainability 166, ES2: 98-107.

The full paper can be downloaded at: HERE.

This paper is in a special issue of Engineering Sustainability on 'Participatory Planning' which is available on the journal's website.

Engineering Sustainability currently have a Call for Papers for the 2014 themed issue on ‘Education and Training’ which is available here.

The deadline for abstract submissions is the end of April.

On Friday 22 November we held our final project dissemination event at the Royal Society London. Presentations from the event can be found here: Dissemination Event Presentations.