The 6th Newsletter of INNOGROW project

Welcome to the 6th edition of Newsletter series of the INNOGROW project that promotes the adoption of innovation by rural economy SMEs throught sharing practices and experiences between regions and actors relevant to rural economy SMEs competitiveness, and intergrating lessons learnt into regional policies and action plans.

In the 6th Newsletter, it highlights all activities contributing to the exchange of experience and the communication of project during the last period of implementation. For example, partners organised stakeholder group meeting, European region summit in Liubljana on 12th and 13th February 2019, and currently planning to host action plan infodays in their regions with the participation of consultants, public authorities, and representatives of rural economy SMEs. This newsletter also highlights interesting stories from the partners' study visits and information about the past, current, and future events such as UK Industrial Startegy: Progressing Rural Contributions, Molise story: all is well that ends well, study visits in Thessaly, Greece and Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, International Conference in Rodica, and Reginal infodays on the action plans from FLA.

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