Programme and abstracts

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Thursday, 1st of July 2021 - Morning session

Chair: Ian Haynes

9.00       Welcome. I. Haynes

9.20       The challenge of archaeologists using geophysics in urban areas. M. Dabas, F. Blary, G. Catanzariti

9.50       Rome Transformed: a multiple method geophysical approach for the urban investigations of the East Caelian. S. Kay, E. Pomar, G. Morelli

10.20    Acquisition, integration, and interpretation of multiple GPR data sets in urban area, as part of the ERC Rome Transformed project. S. Piro, D. Zamuner, T. Leti Messina, D. Verrecchia.

10.50     Coffee Break and break up rooms

11.00     SOS project: a new challenge for a novel approach to the understanding of historical citiesS. Campana, S. Camporeale, J. Tabolli, R. Pansini, S. Güzel, G. Morelli, F. Pericci, M. Sordini, L. Gentili, F. Gianni, F. Vitali, G. Carpentiero, D. Barbagli, M. Serlorenzi

11.30     Ground-penetrating radar survey as the linchpin of a multidisciplinary approach to the study of two Roman cities in Lazio. M. Millett, F. Vermeulen, A. Launaro, L. Verdonck.

12.00     Three coloniae and Three municipia: non-invasive exploration of urban contexts in Roman Hispania. L. Lagóstena, J. A. Ruiz Gil, J. Pérez Marrero, P. Trapero, J. Catalán, I. Rondán, M. Ruiz Barroso.

12.30     Discussion

Thursday, 1st of July 2021 - Afternoon session

Chair: Paolo Liverani

14.00     Challenges and solutions of GPR-surveys in urban areas of Rome, Jeddah and Athens. U. Burkart, R. Freibothe, R. Kniess, H. Zoellner.

14.30     Multidisciplinary approach for characterizing the shallow subsoil of the Central Archaeological Area of Rome for geohazard assessment. M. Moscatelli, M. Mancini , F. Stigliano, M. Simionato, C. Di Salvo, G.P. Cavinato, S. Piro

15.00     Integrated GPR and laser scanning of Piazza Sant'Anastasia, Rome. E. Pomar, S. Kay, P. Campbell and K. Vukovic.

15.30    Coffee Break and break up rooms

15.40     GPR survey in the Punic harbour of La Martela (El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain) and the methodology used for the processing and archaeological visualisation of the data. J.A. Ruiz Gil, L. Lagóstena Barrios, J. Pérez Marrero, P. Trapero, J. Catalán, I. Rondán, M. Ruiz Barroso.

16.10     The topography of Rome. An outlook for the future, P. Liverani

16.40    Discussion

Friday, 2nd of July 2021 - Morning session

Chair: Thea Ravasi

9.00       Methods and techniques for the interpretation and reconstruction of the ancient landscape outside the Aurelian Walls. E. Demetrescu, C. Gonzalez Esteban, S. Morretta, R. Rea.

9.30       From interpretation to provocation and back again: Rome Transformed SCIEDOC and the Ospedale di San Giovanni in Laterano. I. Haynes, T. Ravasi, I. Peverett, M. Grellert, M. Simpson.

10.00     4D with Accuracy: why bother? A. Schmidt, T. Sparrow, C. Gaffney, V. Gaffney, A.S. Wilson, R. A.E. Coningham

10.30     Coffee Break and break up rooms

10.40     A software for the Management and Analysis of Stratigraphic Data from Different Sources in a 3D Environment, M. Azzari, V. Bologna, C. Pappalardo, C. Berti

11.10     Roman buildings on the western slopes of the Capitol. Investigations and new approach technologies. E. Bianchi, A. Pansini

11.40     The archaeological area of S. Croce in Jerusalem: new data for the reconstruction of the ancient landscapeA. De Santis, L. Bottiglieri, D. Colli, C. Rosa, M. Solvi 

12.10     Discussion

Friday, 2nd of July 2021 - Afternoon session

Chair: Francesca Carboni

14.00    Marvellous metadata: Managing metadata for the Rome Transformed Project.  Alexander Turner

14.30    SITAR project: New approaches and methods for an open data archeology of Rome. M. Serlorenzi, A. Cecchetti,  A. D'Andrea, F. Lamonaca, G. Leoni, R. Montalbano, S. Picciola

15.00    Conducting archival research in an interdisciplinary context for Rome Transformed. F. Carboni, E. D’Ignazio

15.30     Break and break up rooms

15.40     Virtual Bradford. A. S. Wilson, A. Walker, C. Gaffney, T. Sparrow, J. Moore, S. Simpson, J. Ritchings

16.10     Combining past, present and future. Non-invasive mapping for the urban archaeology of Ascoli Piceno (Italy). F. Boschi, E. Giorgi, M. Silani

16.40     Discussion

Thank you and forward-looking work. I. Haynes