3D Data integration

Data gathered by Archival research, 3D Scanning,  Structural Analysis, Geophysical and Environmental Analysis are processed and integrated in a 3D GIS and developed in three studies on three separate quarters: the Western quarter (Areas 1, 2 6, 7) that includes areas that show a degree of similarity in urban transformation from elite residences, military to religious; the Central Quarter (Areas 4, 5) that acts as the urban filter between the Lateran and Santa Croce and is crossed by the longest stretch of the Neronian aqueduct that connects west to east; and the Eastern Quarter (Areas 3 and 9) that marks the easternmost portion of the Eastern Caelian. Here is where the connection between the buildings and the Aurelian walls is more significant, as houses were built against the walls and the Amphitheatrum Castrense was incorporated into the Aurelian Walls.