Publications and Preprints

Recent Publications

Brumwell, A., Aubourg, G., Hussain, J., Parker, E., Deehan, D. J., Rice, S. J., & Loughlin, J. (2022). Identification of TMEM129, encoding a ubiquitin-protein ligase, as an effector gene of osteoarthritis genetic risk. Arthritis research & therapy24(1), 189.


Jack Brian Roberts, Olivia Lucy Georgina Boldvig, Guillaume Aubourg et al. Specific isoforms of the ubiquitin ligase gene WWP2 are targets of osteoarthritis genetic risk via a differentially methylated DNA sequence, 05 January 2024, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square []

Past Publications

Rice SJ, Roberts JB, Tselepi M, Brumwell A, Falk J, Steven C, Loughlin J. Genetic and Epigenetic Fine-Tuning of TGFB1 Expression Within the Human Osteoarthritic JointArthritis and Rheumatology 2021, 73(10), 1866-1877.
Kehayova YS, Watson E, Wilkinson JM, Loughlin J, Rice SJ. Genetic and Epigenetic Interplay Within a COLGALT2 Enhancer Associated With OsteoarthritisArthritis and Rheumatology 2021, 73(10), 1856-1865.
Aubourg G, Rice SJ, Bruce-Wootton P, Loughlin J. Genetics of osteoarthritisOsteoarthritis and Cartilage 2022, 30(5), 636-649.
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Powell L, Olinger E, Wedderburn S, Ramakumaran VS, Kini U, Clayton-Smith J, Ramsden SC, Rice SJ, Barroso-Gil M, Wilson I, Cowley L, Johnson S, Harris E, Montgomery T, Bertoli M, Boltshauser E, Sayer JA. Identification of LAMA1 mutations ends diagnostic odyssey and has prognostic implications for patients with presumed Joubert syndromeBrain Communications 2021, 3(3), fcab163.
Parker E, Hofer IMJ, Rice SJ, Earl L, Anjum SA, Deehan DJ, Loughlin J. Multi‐Tissue Epigenetic and Gene Expression Analysis Combined With Epigenome Modulation Identifies RWDD2B as a Target of Osteoarthritis SusceptibilityArthritis and Rheumatology 2021, 73(1), 100-109.
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Rice SJ, Aubourg G, Sorial AK, Deehan D, Loughlin J, Reynard LN. Epigenetic and transcriptional effects operate on the SUPT3H and RUNX2 genes residing at the chromosome 6p21.1 osteoarthritis susceptibility locus and correlate with the association signalIn: 2017 OARSI World Congress. 2017, Las Vegas, NV, USA.
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