About our Project

REMATCH: Building REsilience to Multi-source Flooding in Southeast/South Asia through a Technology-informed Community-based approacH

Many regions in Southeast and South Asia are particularly vulnerable to flooding which repeatedly affects millions of people. Due to the prevailing monsoon, abundant river systems and long coastlines, floods are often a result of multiple drivers, commonly including tropical storms, typhoons and storm surges.

Awareness and understanding of flood risk at the local to national level often remains low and most low-income communities do not have well-coordinated hazard reduction and management schemes in place. There is an urgent need to develop and implement effective risk communication and management strategies to prepare the local communities for future floods, with focus on pre-event disaster risk management and resilience building through active engagement with communities.

REMATCH assembles a research team from four countries, and takes on the exciting and timely opportunity from recent scientific and technological advances to develop an innovative and effective community-based flood risk management strategy. In the case study Vinh Phuoc Commune, located in the Mekong Delta, we are implementing a pilot community-based flood warning system based on crowd-sourced and remote-sensing data streams and real-time flood modelling technology to build community resilience to flooding from multiple sources.