Project Overview

The Re-Imagining Economies project is designed to stimulate new conversations and collaborative research agendas between human & economic geographers from Newcastle University, community groups, organisations and other interested parties with a specific interest in performing economies differently.

Following the 2008 global financial crisis and subsequent recession, unequal growth and socio-economic marginality continue to mark the global socio-economic landscape. The project:

  • Responds to growing international calls for economic geographers to develop more critical analyses of how and where economies function, for whom, and to what ends
  • Integrates diverse insights from a range of actors to advance an innovative, collaborative research agenda towards re-imagining more socially inclusive economic futures
  • Challenges the standard separation between a ‘reformist’ agenda for inclusive growth (which merely seeks to promote change within existing structures) and more ‘radical’ conceptions of ‘alternative’ socio-economic futures.

In fact, we view ‘alternatives’ as intimately entangled with the capitalist “norm” and already practiced by diverse groups of actors – many of whom are too often excluded from formal economic theorising and debate. We challenge such exclusions by working together with such actors in order to develop new economic geographical theory and policy.