The Newcastle Postcolonial Research Group (NPRG) was established in 2001/2002 and freshly relaunched in the 2019/20 academic year. Inspired by continuing interest in disciplinary and interdisciplinary concerns in postcolonial studies, the group seeks to facilitate fruitful exchanges between a diverse range of research areas and methodologies in the Northeast region, and with national and international academic communities.


Comprising both established scholars in the field and ambitious young researchers, the group aims to:

  • explore differences and similarities between conceptual interests and geographically-determined concerns
  • increase awareness of the disciplinary vocabularies used
  • create a stimulating work environment for researchers and their research students 
  • maintain and pursue links with other institutions and cultural bodies

Collectively, the group's research interrogates empire’s cultural, historical and political legacies; transnationalism, migration, and ongoing processes of neo-colonialism; race, global inequalities, and politics of decolonisation. Specifically, the research interests of our members fall mainly on these 6 broad areas: 

1) media and visual cultures

2) print cultures and writing

3) memory, trauma, and violence

4) geopolitics, economics, and class

5) indigeneity and rurality

6) imperial legacies and heritage


The group's activities include: