Training and Education

We offer a range of bespoke courses for OSGEO education as part of our CPD programme.  Full details can be found at our CPD site.  In addition we have 3 Undergraduate degrees that utilise Open Source Geospatial software.  Our degree programmes make use of OSGEO software and tools for data collection, storage and analysis.  Our graduates receive a solid grounding in Open Source tools and their applications.

Further information on our Geographic Information Science programme and our Surveying and Mapping Science programme.

A full range of our CPD programmes can be found here.  Please contact Laura Hanson for details on our CPD and consultancy services.



Our PostGIS training provides a platform for the installation and use of the leading spatial open source database platform.  You will learn how to run spatial queries to facilitate complex spatial analysis and data manupulation.  In addition we show how PostGIS can be used to integrate with the desktop and the web.

PostGIS is utilised in many of our research and development projects and we have a wealth of experience in setting up and using PostGIS.  We provide consultancy and reporting services as well as bespoke development and training.




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We provide CPD and onsite training in Quantum GIS- the leading open source GIS desktop package.  The course shows you the power of open source GIS in analysing and presenting data. 

We also offer on site consultancy into the rollout and training of open source desktop and GIS and bespoke tool development in Quantum.

Quantum GIS