Funded Projects

Wastes & Strays collaboration with Newcastle University Law School

Wastes and Strays is a multi-disciplinary, multi-institution collaboration that will investigate the past, present and future of urban commons in England. Arguably, such spaces provide invaluable open, public space in dense urban settings. As complex wide-ranging ecosystems they accommodate various recreational uses including sports and leisure pastimes as well as hosting important flora and fauna. They are often less regulated spaces, allowing freedom, diversity and the sense of the unexpected and the imaginary within the city, yet are often underused and overvalued by local communities, and therefore at risk to commercial development. 

Dr Olivia Dee has been appointed as the project's oral historian, to be co-supervised by Chris Rodgers from the School of Law, and she will use 'spatial and siutated' oral history research to collate and understand a range of cultural interpretations in four very different locations.

Following on from archival research, Dr Dee will identify and liaise with key user groups and stakeholders and their representatives. These will be invited to form cross-representative 'Commons User Groups' which in turn will lead to situated oral history fieldwork. This will focus on the past and present memory, experience, cultural and spatial use, and identity of each commons. Excerpts of the transcripts will be used to develop the 'Common Placebooks' and a podcast. 

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