Funded Projects

UKRI-funded "Living Deltas" Global Research Hub

Our largest externally funded initiative to date sits within the Living Deltas Research Hub. The Hub is a large international and interdisciplinary network of scientists, social scientists and humanities scholars located on four continents.

Over the last year Hub colleagues have completed the first phase of establishing networks, joint protocols, study sites and recruiting research associates. In the next two years, research will be conducted in the Mekong and Red River deltas (Vietnam) and in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna mega-delta (Bangladesh and India).

‌‌The overall aims of the Hub are:

  • More equitable livelihoods for delta dwellers
  • Sustainable management of delta landscapes
  • Stronger local to regional monitoring toward sustainable development
  • Better local and national policies for delta sustainability

While oral historians have had a long involvement with environmental research, we think this is the first time they have been involved in such a large investigative hub. The focus will be on memories of environmental change and continuity across generations and genders. We are collaborating with Professor Helen Berry, whose work in environmental history, especially leading up to the bid, has been especially important.

The recalled and subjective experiences of delta dwellers will make a significant addition to attitudinal materials collected by development studies team-mates and scientific data collected by colleagues from engineering and physical geography. We will be facilitating the inclusion of the voices and memories of delta dwellers to policy discussions that will shape the future of our planet.

The project also seeks to promote and support data sharing and data reuse so that the Hub community can better understand how delta populations can achieve delta sustainability. This draws directly on oral historians’ knowledge and practice in archiving and data reuse. More at


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