Funded Projects

Deindustrialisation, Heritage and Memory Network

The Deindustrialisation, Heritage and Memory Network aimed to promote closer collaboration among those interested in the multiple impacts of manufacturing decline across Britain. Deindustrialisation studies as an area of research has grown extensively in the last decade, involving scholars from numerous disciplines, interested in multiple locales. Throughout 2018 and 2019, Andy Clark organised three workshops in Glasgow, Newcastle and Kent through his British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award, aiming to foster closer collaboration among scholars, community organisations and heritage groups. Representatives from seventeen universities and nine local heritage groups participated in the workshops. A follow-on panel at the international Working Class Studies Association Conference in September, chaired by Andy Clark, involved contributions from four members of the network: Paul Barnsley (PCS Union & University of Wolverhampton), Emma Copestake (University of Liverpool), Matt Beebee (University of Essex) and Emily Tench (Programme and Engagement Officer, Common Room of the Great North). 

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