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Collaboration with UNITE

UNITE members are currently undertaking oral history research to further explore their union’s history. The Oral History Unit and Collective (OHUC) at Newcastle University is assisting the union’s North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Region members in their contribution to this project. As a result of this collaboration, Andy Pearson, the Regional Education Officer for the area, has employed one of our History, Classics and Archaeology graduates, Ally Keane, whose studies included a module in reusing oral history.  Ally reports:

“I’ve been undertaking oral history research exploring the Union’s history for their upcoming books. The first book was focusing on the period 1920-1931, which has now been completed. I managed to find oral history recordings of memories of the General Strike of 1926 and the impact of the Great Depression in the North East, in the immediate years following the Wall Street Crash. Although these memories were incredibly humbling at some points, I feel privileged to be able to access individuals’ narratives which are now on the edges of living memory. Work has started on the second book, concentrating on the period 1931-1945. I’m looking forward to finding audio recordings for this period, as it will allow me to bring female trade union members into UNITE’s history and touch on issues which the Transport and General Workers’ Union was facing, such as the rank-and-file movements."

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