"Múin Béarla do na Leanbháin"

'Teach the Children English'
Migration as a Prism for Viewing Ethnolinguistic Vitality in Northern Ireland


Welcome to the website of the "Múin Béarla do na Leanbháin" project.

Most linguistic research on Northern Ireland examines the history and contemporary diversity of the languages and dialects spoken by the major ethnic groups (Roman Catholics and Protestants).

This orientation reflects the social conflict in the region enduring since it was first colonized. Heated debates have surrounded the linguistic heritages of the indigenous and exogenous communities (respectively, Irish Gaelic and Ulster Scots).

The recent Peace Process has, on the one hand, ensured them greater protection, and, on the other, made Northern Ireland‌ more attractive to economic migrants, resulting in unprecedented immigration. Ethnic minorities in the region (and the languages they speak) have thus become increasingly visible and audible.

This project addresses the socio-cultural and linguistic impact on Northern Ireland of its changing population. It also compares the experiences of contemporary immigrants with those of Northern Irish emigrants who themselves fled abroad in response to historical conflicts, famine and economic depressions.