Neurodegenerative Pathology Research Group

Welcome to the website of the Neurodegenerative Pathology Research Group. Founded by Johannes Attems in 2009, the group aims provide a better understanding of neurodegenerative disorders by assessing neuropathological changes, and relating them to clinical and experimental findings

Since its foundation, the group have made important contributions to the field. These findings include:

1) A reduction in the number of nigral neurones, but not neurodegenerative pathology, is associated with reduced striatal FP-CIT uptake in vivo

2) Alzheimer-type pathology, but not cerebrovascular disease, is associated with clinically observed white-matter hyperintensities in the majority of cases

3) Pyroglutamylated amyloid-beta and hyperphosphorylated tau loads correlate in the human brain

The group has a particular interest in cerebral multimorbidity, aiming to enhance understanding of how multiple brain pathologies interact and combine to manifest clinically. We believe such information will provide vital knowledge that will inform the multi-targeted treatments of tomorrow.