Methods Hub

The Newcastle University Methods Hub is an interdisciplinary initiative funded by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Institutes: the Institute for Social Science, the Humanities Research Institute and Institute for Creative Arts Practice. Our aims are to:

  • Foreground methodological debates and practices.
  • Support Newcastle’s research culture by championing methodological rigour within HaSS and more widely.
  • Increase the capacity and expertise of academics to work across methodological boundaries, particularly within interdisciplinary projects.

We research methodologies, profile researchers and their projects and host events, with direction from our steering group. This project enables colleagues to share their research, learn from each other's methodologies and approaches, share resources and publications, and develop relationships with colleagues and external partners. The project also aims to increase the visibility of the methodological expertise at Newcastle University and the innovation being developed within the HASS faculty and beyond.

Our steering committee is led by Professor Natasha Mauthner, and the committee members are Professor Richard Talbot, Director of the Insitute for Creative Arts Practice; Dr Philippa Page, Deputy Director of the Humanities Research Institute; Dr Jen Bagelman, Deputy Director of the Institute for Social Science; Alex Robson, Institutes Officer; and Dr Jess Adams, Methods Hub Research Associate (on maternity leave). 

We work in a collaborative way. For more information, or to get involved, please contact Alex Robson, or join our mailing list.