Exhibition - Out of Place

The Out of Place exhibition, at Newcastle’s Hatton Gallery (29 June – 10 August 2019), formed a key output of the ‘Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience’ project. Through this exhibition our six commissioned artworks, made for and originally presented in four North East heritage sites, were re-situated within a new gallery setting.

Out of Place posed questions about the artwork’s ‘site-specificity’ and how the meaning and experience of the commissioned artworks might be changed through this redisplay. In the gallery, each work was presented without the contextual information provided when they were encountered within their heritage setting and that originally inspired the artist. 

Susan Philipsz, Andrew Burton, Matt Stokes and Mark Fairnington all chose to re-present the artworks commissioned in 2018, with Mark also exhibiting some new paintings not included in his original installation. Fiona Curran decided to create a new work that built further upon her exploration of Gibside’s historic themes. Marcus Coates produced a parallel version of his sound installation that was, at the time, also on display at Cherryburn. In the exhibition we invited each artist to say how they thought the gallery context changed their work.