Christmas Truce Play

In 1914 up to 100,000 British, German and French soldiers put down their arms to celebrate Christmas. It was a glimpse of humanity and hope in the brutal and dehumanising industrial slaughter of World War 1. This play about that remarkable episode was written by Ray Clark and Mish Margison of Atkinson Road Primary School, drawing on the resources created by the Martin Luther King Peace Committee to mark the 1914 truces.

As two young girls prepare for their present-day Christmas, they learn about the truces by reading the letters and diaries of their great-grandfather, who took part in the truces. This wonderful play brings the events of Christmas 1914 to life. It is interspersed with traditional and modern carols, and parents can be invited to join in.

This professional play includes full cast lists and production overview, complete texts which can be downloaded and annotated for children, historical notes for teachers, and a PowerPoint slide show. All these resources are free, and no license fee is required.

The play can be used either as a stand-alone performance, or as part of a whole term, cross-curriculum teaching programme using the Christmas Truces resources