Current Students

The lab is used for various student activities as part of the marine technology degrees taught in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University. We are keen to involve students in our lab activities.

The cavitation tunnel provides an excellent demonstrator of the fundamentals in resistance, propulsion and hydrodynamics modules. We are developing new experiments for students to complete during their studies. These will start to be rolled out in the 2018/19 academic year.

Later stage undergraduates and masters students can use the facilities for research projects leading to their dissertations. We prefer students to develop their own project ideas and then approach relevant academic staff for further advice. In 2017/18 we have the following student projects planned:

  • Lift and drag prediction of a windsurf fin
  • Deflection and twist measurement of a windsurf fin
  • The lift and drag of a flexible hydrofoil
  • The effect of surface roughness on propeller performance
  • The effect of surface roughness on coating drag

Where appropriate the lab is available for students wishing to complete extra-curricular projects.

We plan to recruit intern students to assist with technical and research related work during the summer vacation period. These opportunities will be advertised internally.

We may be able to accommodate students from other institutions who wish to visit or use the lab for project work. We recommend you contact us via your supervisor to find out if this is possible.