About the Network

The Mallorca Research Network has been established by Dr Hazel Andrews (Liverpool John Moores University) and Dr Mark Casey (Newcastle University). Both have come together through their interest, passion and focus on the island of Mallorca.

The British on Holiday, Charter Tourism, Identity and Consumption - Hazel AndrewsThe British on Holiday, published by Multilingual Matters

Hazel’s work focuses on tourism and touristic practices on the island. Her ground-breaking book: The British on Holiday: Charter Tourism, Identity and Consumption is the only in-depth ethnographic study of British charter tourists. Based on several months of participant observation of British charter tourists on holiday in Palmanova and Magaluf, the book explores the experiences of tourists holidaying in the two resorts to illuminates how touristic practices can be used to explore understandings and knowledge of the self in relation to national, regional, class, and gender identities. Alongside this book, Hazel has produced a number of journal papers and book chapters from her work in Mallorca.

Mark is currently undertaking research with the British expatriate communities in Mallorca examining meanings of home, belonging and identity as the island and its populations move through difficult economic times. Like Hazel, he also has an interest in the tourism industries located on the island and the islands diverse cultures, people and environment.  

The network has been established in association with the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts and the Faculty of Tourism at the Universitat de les Illes Balears to bring together scholars, students, practitioners, artists, writers and other parties who are interested in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands.

Anyone wishing to join the mailing list for the network, please contact either Hazel Andrews H.J.Andrews@ljmu.ac.uk or Mark Casey M.E.Casey@ncl.ac.uk.