Selected Recent publications

Most of our recent papers are open access and available to download, for free, at Pubmed Central.  If you have difficulty downloading any papers then please contact David Lydall.

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Banks, A.P., Lawless, C. and Lydall, D.A. (2012) A quantitative fitness analysis workflow PMID: 22907268

Chang H-Y, Lawless C, Addinall SG, Oxele S, Taschuk M,  Wipat A, Wilkinson DJ, Lydall D. Genome-Wide Analysis to Identify Pathways affecting Telomere Initiated Senescence in Budding Yeast. G3 2011;1 197-208. 

Addinall SG, Holstein E, Lawless C, Yu M, Chapman K, Banks AP, Ngo HP, Maringele L, Taschuk M, Young A, Ciesiolka A, Lister AL, Wipat A, Wilkinson DJ, Lydall D. Quantitative Fitness Analysis Shows That NMD Proteins and Many Other Protein Complexes Suppress or Enhance Distinct Telomere Cap Defects. PLoS Genetics 2011, 7(4), e1001362.

Dewar JM, Lydall D. Pif1- and Exo1-dependent nucleases coordinate checkpoint activation following telomere uncapping. EMBO Journal 2010,29 23 4020-4034.

Ngo HP, Lydall D. Survival and Growth of Yeast without Telomere Capping by Cdc13 in the Absence of Sgs1, Exo1, and Rad9.   PLoS Genetics 2010,6 8 e1001072.

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Lydall D. Taming the tiger by the tail: modulation of DNA damage responses by telomeres. EMBO Journal 2009. , 28(15), 2174-2187.