Liquid Fuels & Energy supply from CO2 Reduction

Aim of the project

The aim of this project is to develop a breakthrough technology based upon integrated low cost bio-electrochemical processes to convert CO2 into liquid fuels for transportation, energy storage, heating and other applications. CO2 is firstly electrochemically reduced to formate using electric energy from biomass or wastes and other renewable sources. Formate then goes through a biotransformation SimCell reactor with microorganisms specialised in converting formate to medium chain alkanes using a Synthetic biology approach. The proposed technology will be developed around existing wastewater treatment facilities from, utilising the carbon source in wastewater and CO2, thus minimising the requirement to transport materials. A multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists will develop this innovative technology in this project and rigorous life cycle assessment (LCA) will identify the optimum pathways for liquid biofuel production. We will also examine policies on low carbon fuel production and explore the ways to influence low carbon fuel policies. Through the development of this ground breaking technology, a positive impact to the UK’s target for reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy will be achieved.