Skills & Experience

What Skills

Your degree in Sociology or in Politics & Sociology is generating lots of different skills and experiences that will be highly desirable to prospective employers. Key skills you are developing through your degree include time-management, critical thinking, analytical and writing skills, the ability to process large amounts of information, communication in presentations and seminars, data collection and analysis, group work, independence and work ethic.

In this section we look more closely at those skills and experiences gained on our degree programmes, in the words of our participants themselves. We hope this will help you build a language to identify and talk about those important abilities.

As you know, Sociology is a challenging academic degree but sometimes it has a negative reputation as ‘easy’. Our participants spoke with great passion about how to respond to these misinformed attitudes, and have developed sophisticated counter-narratives that challenge them.

Take Home Mesages

  • Sociology is a highly challenging academic subject that will prepare you for a wide range of careers.
  • You learn both a wide range of transferable skills as well as sociological content in your studies.
  • As a discipline, it is fundamentally grounded in developing critical thought about ‘taken-for-granted’ aspects of social life.
  • These skills are both life-changing for many but also relevant to many employers.
  • Some of the things we ask you do to as students such as presentations and group work are building important skills for the work place.