Let's talk about talk

The Communicative Participation Network

Let's talk about talk is the website for the Communicative Participation Network. Please explore the website to find out more about our network.  

The Communicative Participation Network brings together experts in children’s communicative participation from the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The network gives us the opportunity to discuss issues around communicative participation for children who have speech, language and communication difficulties. Children and young people with speech, language and communication difficulties are a very diverse group and their difficulties and needs vary greatly. In order to ensure effective communicative participation at home, in education, in society and eventually in the workplace more research into effective methods of support is needed.

Planned outcomes for the Communicative Participation Network include the development of a clear definition of communicative participation as it applies t this group of children and young people and the development of funded research projects to investigate measures of and interventions for communicative participation.

The Communicative Participation Network is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Irish Research Council (IRC).