The impact of using the Jonple app for weight loss

This study is a collaboration between researchers at Newcastle University and Jonple Ltd.

The ability to access fitness and diet apps has become increasingly simple and wide-spread through the use of mobile technology, and therefore may provide a way of losing weight in which is accessible to an international audience.

The fitness and diet app, Jonple, spotted a gap in the market and has created a unique service which is built upon three distinct areas; nutrition, fitness and psychology. Jonple is focused on the science and psychology behind health and fitness and how it can be used to create long-term solutions to help people live healthily.

The purpose of our study is to measure the effectiveness of the Jonple app in supporting weight loss. In doing so, the study has three parts; 

-         using the dietary side only, 

-         using the fitness side only,

-         and using both the diet and fitness sides together.

Please note that you can only take part in one of the three parts. Please use the "take part" tab to find out more information about each part of the trial.