Ageing & Multiple Conditions

Across the globe, for most nations, regardless of their geographic location or developmental stage, the 85+ age group is growing faster than any other.  People living with multiple conditions have a high treatment burden in terms of understanding and self managing their conditions; they often need to attend multiple appointments and manage a multitude of drug and lifestyle management regimens.  

In Europe there are around 50 million people living with multiple conditions, many of whom are older.  The management of multiple conditions for older people represents an enormous challenge for health and social care.

Newcastle University and Ageing

Newcastle has an outstanding track record of supporting outstanding researchers in world class facilities and conducting leading edge research in the theme of Ageing, through the Institute for Ageing. Recent developments which underpin this reputation include the award of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing our membership of the School for Primary Care Research and the NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre which improves lives through world-class research in Ageing & Long-Term Conditions. As part of the NIHR Clinical Research Network, we host the NIHR Clinical Research Network National Specialty Hub on Ageing, Dementia Neurodegenerative Disease, Neurology and Genetics.

To build on this expertise, we are seizing this opportunity to work with the James Lind Alliance (JLA) on this Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) around Multiple Conditions in Later Life.