Journal of Italian Philosophy


We invite submissions for the Journal of Italian Philosophy and proposals for special issues.

The journal proposes to make available in English a forum for the discussion and translation of contemporary and historical Italian philosophy.

Italian philosophy has emerged in recent years — particularly for English-speaking audiences — as both an extraordinarily fertile ground for new concepts, problems, and theories, distinctively different from French and German philosophy, which allows for both fruitful comparison with other traditions and also a rich internal debate.

It is an auspicious time to provide a location for debate as to the nature of Italian philosophy and to engage with the themes it has made central to its project, particularly for an English-speaking audience: the last few years have seen a huge number of translations of works by Giorgio Agamben, Adriana Cavarero, Roberto Esposito, Paolo Virno, Maurizio Lazzarato, Gianni Vattimo, and Davide Tarizzo, among many others. One might give special mention to the fact that the final volumes of Agamben’s Homo Sacer series have appeared in English over the last few years, making available the entire nine-volume series — surely one of the most impressive and important philosophical endeavours of recent times. Other figures of equal importance, but in need of greater exposure on the Anglophone theoretical scene include Emanuele Severino, Massimo Cacciari, and Luisa Muraro.

This, coupled with the contemporaneity of the concerns of Italian philosophy — not to mention their inherent theoretical interest — means that a forum for contributing to and assessing these debates in the English language could not be more timely.

In addition to original contributions, we want to provide a forum for the translation and publication of important texts in Italian, but also of texts concerning Italian thought written in other languages.

Our initial — and provisional — understanding of the specificity of Italian philosophy includes the following topics: a concern with (biological) life, which issues in a rich and complex development of the notion of ‘biopolitics’, a concern with the legacy of Christianity, particularly in the form of political theology, a particular concern with history and with the notions of communism and the common, along with a reinvention of the idea of ‘human nature’.

Describing our subject matter as ‘Italian Philosophy’ might be taken to be a succinct way of summarising all of these topics, whilst also allowing the question of nationality and national traditions in Philosophy to be raised.

We are looking for articles and translations of around 8000 words, on any topic relating to Italian Philosophy, but, since this is an online journal, we see no need strictly to insist upon such limits. Ideally, the text would be referenced in the Harvard style, and formatted according to English, rather than American English, conventions, but conformity with this is not necessary in the first instance. All submissions will be peer-reviewed, and we hope to provide authors with a response within a month, ideally.

Please send all submissions, proposals for special issues, and any questions you might have to the General Editor, Michael Lewis:

The first issue of the journal will be a general issue; potential future special issues include:

Virno and Anthropology
Gramsci and Intellectual Functions
The Early Agamben
The Work of Gianni Vattimo
On the Very Idea of Italian Philosophy
The Philosophy of Pier Paolo Pasolini




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