Dr Renaud Barbero

I am currently a research associate at Newcastle University under the supervision of Professor Hayley Fowler. Most of my work is focused on climate variability, climate extremes and the mechanisms underlying climate-wildfire linkages. I graduated at the University of Aix-Marseille in France and I received my doctoral degree in Climate Science in 2012. The overall goal of my research was to better understand the interface between climate and wildfire activity in New Caledonia (SW Pacific), with a primary focus on development of a statistical model to predict burned area up to 6 months in advance. As a postdoctoral fellow at University of Idaho (USA), I applied my past knowledge to examine the links between atmospheric variability and very large fires in the United-States and extend this to empirical modeling effort to simulate very large fires under climate change scenario. Additionally, I have embarked on studies investigating ENSO-fires connections in the US, fire-weather in Southern California, but also streamflow variability in the Pacific Northwest and temperatures extremes. 

One of my current research at Newcastle University is on i) the dependence of daily and sub-daily precipitation maxima on global and local near-surface temperature at the global scale and ii) the role of the large scale atmosphere in modulating the local-scale dependencies.