Working Papers

‌This is a set of Working Papers which report on work that is still in progress and yet to be published elsewhere.

WP2 Bouch C. A Systems-based Approach to the Identification of Enterprise/Infrastructure Interdependencies as a Precursor to Identifying Opportunities to Improve Infrastructure project Value/Cost Ratios.

WP6 Gouldson A & Kerr N. Innovative Financing Models for Low Carbon Transitions: Exploring the case for revolving funds for domestic energy efficiency programmes 

WP8 O'Brien P & Pike A. The Financialisation and Governance of Infrastruture.

WP9 Affleck A & Gibbon J. Valuing the social benefits of local infrastructure in Workington.

WP11Tight M & Raje F. Walking and cycling - how can we deliver an infrastructure to support Dutch style growth?

WP12 Bryson J; Mulhall R & Song M. Business Models and Local Infrastructure: Financing, Value Creation and Governance.

WP13 O'Brien P & Pike A. Deal or No Deal? UK City Deals as Infrastructure Funding and Financing Mechanisms.

WP14 Dawson D. The need for new Business Models to maintain UK Infrastructure Resilience.

WP15 Affleck A. Summary of survey results for Ovingham Bridge closure.