End User

A person or persons who are responsible for the management of the land on which the rock art is found.

Focus Group

A group brought together to critique the tool kit and/or management guide.

Heritage Professional

Someone who works in the cultural or heritage fields.

Management Guide

A guide to the management techniques that will aid in conserving rock art.


A distinctive design form such as a "cup and ring", or "rosette"


A person who has no significant knowledge of rock art.

Open-Air Rock Art

Rock art that is exposed to the elements as opposed to housed or covered.


A spatially defined rock surface bearing rock art.

Pilot Study

Taking resources into the field in order to test their effectiveness.

Rock Art

Ancient artistic works found on rocks throughout the world. A petroglyph involves carving the rock wheras a petrograph involves drawing or painting on the rock. 

Rock Art Enthusiasts

A person who has a passion or interest in rock art.

Tool Kit

A resource that will enable anybody to score/evaluate the condition of rock art.

User Friendly

Able to be understood and used by the majority of people.