HaSS Research Vision and Values


Who we are, what we do and why it matters.

Who we are, what we do and why it matters.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Newcastle University is diverse, home to many kinds of expertise and ways of working, sharing a commitment to creativity, innovation and the advancement of knowledge, to enhancing and enriching lives, and to providing transformative solutions to real-world problems. We are global in our outlook, but we work locally too. We aim to be provocative and challenging, seeking to understand the past and present in order to imagine and build better futures.

What defines us in one word? Relationships. We strive to understand people in relation to their contexts, the stories they tell about themselves and the structures within which they live and work: physical, cultural, social, economic, and political. We seek to understand their relationships to the materials with which they live and create: from bricks to buildings, from paper to books, from pencils to artworks, from stories to films.

We are committed to nurturing the next generation, to building and brokering relationships across academic disciplines and with external partners, to cultural translation across time and place, and to co-design and co-creation with the communities and societal stakeholders that work with us.

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