NEW: The GOBACIT network has expanded significantly, particularly in Latin America, where it became known as WATERLAT (www.waterlat.org). Although for a number of operational reasons, especially language, we maintained GOBACIT and WATERLAT separated since 2009, we have decided to reintegrate the two networks. The network has been renamed as WATERLAT-GOBACIT. We will maintain this site online for a while, but the new web address will be www.waterlat.org.

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Our research approach is centred on issues of governance and citizenship in relation to the rational management of water and the production and provision of safe water and adequate sanitation services, and cuts across several thematic areas:

  • Integrated Water Management (IWRM)
  • Water and Sanitation Services (WSS)
  • Public Health

Governance in the particular realms of water management and essential water services is interwoven with issues of societal governance at different scales, from local to global.

However, this interrelationship between societal governance and sectoral governance is highly problematic and the evidence shows that effective governance at the sectoral level can perfectly be achieved under very different conditions of governance at the societal level, which raises serious ethical and political questions with direct relevance for policy design and implementation.