Taking Part

What does my participation entail?

I intend to interview twenty-five people on two separate occasions. The interviews will be informal and relaxed and are expected to last around two hours. I would like to conduct interviews in people’s homes because I am particularly interested in household food practices.

Prior to the first interview, you will be invited to complete a short demographic questionnaire that asks you about things such as your age, ethnicity, occupation, education level, and household income. The information you provide will be kept confidentially and will assist me in documenting your demographic characteristics.

In the first interview I would like to ask you questions about your attitudes to food, your sense of identity and the role food plays in your life history and in your social relationships. After my visit, I will leave a disposable camera with you and request that you take around 20 photographs of food in your life over the following period of two weeks. Once you have done this, I will ask you to return the camera to me in a pre-paid envelope which I will leave with you.

After this, I plan to contact you again to arrange a second visit.  In this second visit, I would like to explore issues arising from the findings of the first wave of interviews. In addition, I would like to ask you to show me any food-related aspects of your home (such as your fridge or the places you eat). We will also have a chance to discuss the photographs you have taken which I will have printed and bring with me. I will also be keen to document some of what you show me by taking some photographs. This will not be done without your consent. 

Both interviews will be treated entirely confidentially.


If you are interested in taking part, or would like more information, please contact me.