FaSMEd Partners


The FaSMEd consortium has been carefully selected to ensure the right blend of skills, experience, networks and knowledge required to fully meet and implement the objectives of the project. The consortium consists of leading institutions for research into pedagogical development and professional practice in mathematical and science education in their respective countries. The countries are chosen from a wide range of educational systems within the EU and, with the inclusion of South Africa, a contrasting and challenging educational environment. The consortium has a particular strength in mathematics education, but it also has a number of partners (UDE, NUIM, UNITO, NTNU) who have strengths in science education, providing strength in depth and across interdisciplinary boundaries. The inclusion of South Africa as a partner will provide a challenge and contrasting environment which will support the development of a robust range of approaches to the programme.

The partners are also chosen to represent a diverse range of educational systems – Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon, European and African. The selection of this diverse range of partners, countries and subjects will ensure that the programme will include teaching and assessment practices valued by teachers across international contexts, and ensure congruence between these values and practices. Several of the partners are already linked by existing networks of complementary EU initiatives in mathematics and science education, for example: UDE, UNOTT and UU in Primas and Compass (FP7) programmes. Other partners are involved in the integration of technology in education and linked through the ‘Teachers teaching with Technology’ network (UDE, UU, UNEW, ENSL) and the EU programme Edumatic (Comenius) (ENSL, UNITO, UU, UDE). These existing networks will support and strengthen the design and implementation of the project.

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