Meet the Team

David Wright

  • Administrator ECLS

David Wright is a Senior Research Associate in the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching. He taught in secondary schools and further education for fifteen years before joining the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) as subject officer for mathematics. He was an editor of ‘Micromath’ a journal of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM). He is author of ‘Thinking through Mathematics’ (Optimus Education) and articles and book chapters on the integration of ICT in mathematics classrooms and the professional learning of teachers.

Research interests: How professionals learn in complex dynamic social situations such as the classroom. Information technology – The affordances of ICT for learning mathematics – particularly the development of shared interactive spaces such as table top computing or connected classrooms.

Thinking through mathematics – how what we know about thinking can be applied to mathematics and conversely how mathematising can support the development of thinking skills.