Welcome to the EXTRAS Trial Website


A big thank you to all staff at the 21 NHS Trusts across the UK who helped us to achieve (and exceed) our recruitment and randomisation targets


The last 24 month follow up assessment was completed on 20th September 2017.  Data analysis is currently underway and results are expected in late Spring 2018


The first results of the EXTRAS trial will be presented at the European Stroke Organisation Conference in Gothenburg on 16 May 2018



EXTRAS - A trial to evaluate an extended rehabilitation service for stroke patients

The EXTRAS trial aims to determine the clinical and cost effectiveness of an extended stroke rehabilitation service. Stroke patients and carers who agreed to participate in the trial were randomly allocated to either receive a new extended stroke rehabilitation service or to continue with usual NHS care.  The effectiveness of the new extended rehabilitation service will be evaluated by comparing the health of patients and carers who received the new service with those who received usual NHS care.

The EXTRAS trial is funded by the NIHR HTA programme.