Celebrating Research Scholarships & Expeditions

‌‌‌The University’s highly successful annual Celebrating Student Research Scholarships and Expeditions presentation evening was held on 4th December 2019. On this occasion 119 students participated, making it one the largest events to date. The display of student posters in the Great North Musuem Exhibition Space demonstrated the breadth of research projects and expeditions undertaken by students during the previous undergraduate summer vacation and reflected the wide range of academic disciplines across the University. It provided an opportunity for staff, members of the public and the wider student body to interact with students who had carried out the research.

As part of the University’s Public Lectures Programme, presentations were also given by five selected Research Scholarship and Expedition students to a Curtis Lecture Theatre audience of several hundred. Students described the aims of their projects, how they conducted their research, the challenges they faced and the key outcomes and implications of their work. Upon conclusion of the presentations, the 7 best posters for 2019 were announced and certificates were presented to the successful students by Prof Suzanne Cholerton, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education.  She complimented all the participants on the many high quality research projects undertaken and the excellence of the posters presented. Prof Cholerton also stressed the major importance of the personal development gained by every Research Scholarship and Expedition participant as this greatly enhanced every student’s University experience and improved future employment options.