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Workshops with art students in Herculaneum

In January 2018, the Expanded Interiors team including Catrin Huber, Rosie Morris and with the fantastic support of Francesca del Duca from the Herculaneum Conservation project led 3 workshops at Parco Archeologico di Ercolano, the second was with Art students from Academia di Belle Arte di Napoli.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce and art students to the Expanded Interiors project and to explore and exchange ideas / knowledge relating to Casa del Bel Cortile: Its wall paintings and objectsMaiuri’s historical displays, and the potent ways that objects can communicate and misbehave, through the evidence they provide, the meanings they carry, and the narratives they provoke. As a group we discussed our own relationship to objects from home and produced new clay objects that for us carried meaning or misbehaved, also discussing how these could be represented and exhibited on site.

Francesca del Duca introduces the group to the archaeological site.


Catrin Huber and the group discuss the architecture and Roman Wall painting in the House of the Beautiful Courtyard entrance area.


The group discuss the contrast in scale and colour between the entrance and the large dining room in the House of the Beautiful Courtyard, and how the visitors entrance is choreographed by the architecture and painting.



Catrin Huber discusses how Amedeo Maiuri used the House of the Beautiful Courtyard to exhibit Roman objects as part of the Open Museum.


Students model their own clay objects. In considering the role and function of objects ideas were to create objects that held personal meaning, which symbolised power, femininity and strength, and which were subject to the passage of time.

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