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School workshops October 2018

As part of our series of workshops in Janaury 2018, we worked with local school teachers to discuss how we might devise a Resource Pack with guided workshops which could be implemented across schools in Italy and the UK.

Following on from these ideas and the teachers feedback, artist Catrin Huber and archaeologist Thea Ravasi lead workshops, supported by Francesca del Duca from The Herculaneum Conservation Project, with schools in Herculaneum to test out these workshop ideas and the Resource Packs.

Students work with clay, shells and pasta shapes to create their own objects, considering how objects were used in Roman culture for worship, decoration and functionality, and how this related to today.



Catrin Huber, Thea Ravasi and Francesca del Duca from the Herculaneum Conservation project also worked with students to test further workshops in our Resource Pack. Here we looked at Roman Wall Painting, working with shoe boxes to design decorated surfaces and walls in the students own homes.

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