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Catrin Huber - Artist Talk at Parco Archeologico di Ercolano

Catrin Huber discusses her forthcoming installation Expanded Interiors to site guides in Herculaneum, with introduction from the Director Francesco Sirano. Expanded Interiors was the final event in Parco Archeologico di Ercolano's Maiuri Pop-Up, celebrating the 90th Anniversary since the Amedeo Maiuri began open air excavations on site.



Huber shows previous site-specific installation works, here 'As Above And So Below', Hatton Gallery, Newcastle, discussing the influence of Roman Wall painting on her practice, leading to the idea to make work that is specifically situated and experienced within a Roman house.


Discussing the teams research and how the idea Expanded Interiors installation in Herculaneum evolved, including 3D printed replics of Roman objects scanned by the team in July 2017. Below a 3D printed replica of Herculaneum's unicum Isis Lactan's in silver plastic.


Guides interact with other replica objects 3D printed by the Expanded Interiors team.


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