Environmental Humanities Initiative

The Environmental Humanities Initiative at Newcastle University responds to the climate crisis and the need for more than scientific solutions to address the precarity of our planet’s habitability — we must think human histories and earth histories together. This initiative builds on the declaration of a climate emergency by Newcastle University in 2019 by creating a cross-faculty network of researchers who work on themes around environments, landscapes, law, politics, ecology, biodiversity, and climates. This network enables members to share research, plan teaching, develop external funding bids, and engage with relevant stakeholders and institutions in the North East. 

External Speaker Seminar Series: Elizabeth Miller, UC San Diego

Elizabeth Miller, UC San Diego, Professor of English

External Speaker Seminar Series: Ben Cashore

Ben Cashore, University of Singapore, Professor of Public Management



Connect with us

Email: environmentalhumanities@ncl.ac.uk

Twitter: @EnvironmentalHumanitiesNCL