Hubs and Sites

ENHANCE-D is recruiting 56 dental practices across 7 regional hubs in England and Scotland to join this exciting clinical trial. Recruitment began in early spring 2022 and will include research hubs in the following cities:



  • Newcastle (Dr Richard Holliday)
  • Dundee (Prof. Jan Clarkson)
  • Sheffield (Prof. Zoe Marshman and Dr Claire Storey)
  • Birmingham (Dr Praveen Sharma)
  • Plymouth (Mr Timothy O’Brien)
  • Glasgow (Dr Shauna Culshaw and Prof. David Conway)
  • Edinburgh (Prof. Angus Walls)



The following sites are open to recruit to the ENHANCE-D study:


  • Crescent Dental Care
  • Grange Road West Dental Practice
  • Horizon Dental Clinic, Blyth
  • Horizon Dental Clinic, Monkseaton
  • Indental
  • Molineux
  • Perfect Smile, Acorn Dental Partnership



  • Empire House Dental Surgery
  • Armstrong, Haire and Associates
  • High St Dental Care 
  • Kimberworth Park DP

  • Staveley Dental Care
  • Hurlfield DP
  • Armstrong, Haire & Associates
  • Darnall Dental Clinic



  • Linwood Dental
  • Kirkshaws Dental
  • Gilbertfield DP
  • Undergraduate Clinic
  • Public Dental Service RAH
  • Main Street Dental Care



  • Alvechurch Dental
  • Barnt Green Dental
  • Hollymoor Tower Dental Surgery
  • Bhandal Dental Practice
  • MyDentist Redditch
  • Green Lane Enterprises



  • Truro Dental Education Facility
  • Devonport Dental Education Facility



  • Montrose



  • Blue Sky Dental




Research Hubs