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Book Review by Kristin Meißner

en/counter/points' Kristin Meißner, Leibniz Center for Contemporary History Potsdam, reviews "Nazi Buildings, Cold War Traces and Governmentality in Post-Unification Berlin" by Clare Copley for H-Soz-Kult:

"There is currently much and intensive discussion about the political symbolism of building culture in public space. In debates on the reconstruction of historical buildings and city centers, on the creation of "right rooms" [1]or on the question of which historical architecture is worth preserving and why, social values ​​and power relations are negotiated. Historical, present and future perspectives are also being negotiated. In her dissertation "Nazi Buildings, Cold War Traces and Governmentality in Post-Unification Berlin", Clare Copley shows that debates such as those recently on dealing with the Nazi sculptures in the Olympiapark in Berlin have been waged with varying degrees of intensity since the 1990s. In it, she examines the staging of three prestigious Nazi buildings (today's Detlev-Rohwedder-Haus, the Olympic Stadium and the former Tempelhof Airport) after 1990 and assigns the "Berlin Republic" a specific governmentality of remembrance politics from the post-reunification period..."

Read the full review at H-Soz-Kult.

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