Analysing Britain's Most Elusive Roman Sculptures

This project analyses Romano-British sculpture from the hinterland of Hadrian’s Wall (defined as the counties of Northumberland south of the Stanegate, Tyne and Wear,​County Durham, Cumbria, modern Lancashire and Derbyshire).

Five hundred and fifty​ stones have been identified in this region by the applicants. Of these 65 constitute​ Britain’s most elusive examples of sculpted stone from the Roman period; their​ location and/or condition has prevented detailed scholarly examination.

Undertaking​ structured light scans of these pieces will therefore be employed to support their​ analysis. The project will deliver the last outstanding British volume of the Corpus​ Signorum Imperii Romani, the authoritative reference series on Roman sculpture, and​ also complete synthetic studies of the production and distribution of sculpture beyond​ the major civil centres, the signature styles of individual craftspeople and the impact of​ stone availability on the range of objects created within the hinterland of Hadrian’s​ Wall.​

Project Leader: Ian Haynes

Other Staff: Lindsay Allason-Jones

Sponsors: British Academy