About our Project

Welcome to the website for driving & dementia.‎

This website hosts the ‎Driving with Dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment Consensus Guidelines for Clinicians, you can click here to go straight to that section.

You can click here to take you straight to the downloads section.

This website accompanies a pathway for driving & dementia that was developed by a team of multi-disciplinary clinicians here at Newcastle University.  You will be able to find more information about the background to the project, and how the pathway was developed.  Also available on this site, for download, is the accompanying pack which includes guidance for both the patient and clinicians, and is free to use and be adapted as appropriate to suit individual service needs, with prior permission from the copyright owners (please contact kirsty.olsen@ncl.ac.uk), all reproduction and use of this material must acknowledge Newcastle University and the Driving and Dementia Project .  We have also included some useful links to outside organisations, who can offer further assessment or information around driving with a diagnosis of dementia.