Management Toolkit

The DIAMOND-Lewy team developed a  Management Toolkit, to help clinicians with the management of Lewy Body Dementia, and Dementia with Lewy Bodies. The Toolkit comprises of 3 closely related components:

  • Management Overview - synopsis of major symptoms in Lewy body dementia and their management
  • Symptom management summaries - one page summaries of the management of key symptoms (cognitive, neuropsychiatric, motor, autonomic and sleep) in Lewy body dementia

Complimentary to these resources is a published review of the management of Lewy body dementia:

Taylor, J. P., McKeith, I. G., Burn, D. J., Boeve, B. F., Weintraub,D., Bamford, C.,  Allan, L., Thomas, A.J.,  O'Brien, J. T. (2019). New evidence on the management of Lewy body dementia: The Lancet Neurology‌.


Management Toolkit Video for Lewy Body Dementia 

Further information about the toolkit including vignettes relating to specific symptoms can be viewed in the following video 


The following topics are covered. These can be viewed individually by selecting the relevant time point button on the video tool bar.

1. Introduction by Professor John O'Brien 

2. Cognitive symptoms 

3. Neuropsychiatric symptoms 

4. Sleep symptoms 

5. Motor symptoms 

6. Autonomic symptoms 

7. Conclusion by Professor John O'Brien  


Subtitles - Subtitles can be enabled using the choose captions 'CC' tab at the bottom right of the screen.

YouTube - The video can also be accessed via YouTube